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5 ways to make your elopement EPIC

On the surface, elopements get a bad rap for being rushed, in a dingy courthouse, or being reserved for "cheap" people. NEWS FLASH: they don't have to be that way. Here are five ways to make your elopement EPIC.

1. Make your elopement an ADVENTURE.

Work with your photographer to create an all day celebration. Sound overwhelming, trust me, it sounds more intimidating than it actually is. Answer me this: What would your perfect day look like? Really think outside the box with this could do ANYTHING you want for a day. Rent a Porsche and drive across the Utah Salt flats in your wedding attire, float in a hot air balloon, hike, explore a slot canyon, take a trail ride through a national park, rent a boat on Powell Lake.

When I say anything, I really do mean anything. You can even have a multi day adventure elopement! If you don't want to have a traditional wedding, but want to have the closet family members join you at your ceremony, you can! Break it up and have one day with your family and the next day with just you two.

2. Turn your elopement into your HONEYMOON.

The elopement day is great and all, but the honeymoon is where the *magic* happens. Plan your elopement in a location that you want to honeymoon at! This is not only cost and time effective, but chances are you will already be somewhere picturesque.

Find yourself an amazing Airbnb in the area to stay at for your first night as a married couple! Pro Tip: When searching for top notch Airbnb's, turn on the "Airbnb Plus" filter. This will make sure you are getting some of the best options in that area!

3. Get ready together.

For couples who want to have a first look you will be getting ready at the dame time in sperate areas. But, imagine turning the tables on tradition and getting ready together.

If you want to have a first look, you’ll usually be getting ready at the same time but in separate areas. But another thing that can make you elopement special in a different way is getting ready together before your elopement day. If you’re not going to do a first look, helping each other get ready can be a very special part of your day, & it can also be helpful if you’re not having anyone else there at your elopement if you have each other to et ready with. I’ve had elopements where the groom has learned how to style his bride’s hair or helping each other put on a dress or tie. There are a lot of way, big & small, that you can help each other get ready & it can make for some very special photos of your elopement!

4. Bring letters from family and friends.

Calling all words of affirmation love languages!! Even if you aren't having friends and family attend your elopement, they can still be a part of it. Request that they write a letter to you as a couple, that you can open on your wedding day. This is essentially in place of a toast that would've happened on a traditional wedding day.

Bring a picnic blanket and take a few minutes with your new spouse to read over the special words from your loved ones. This can be an intimate moment shared between the two of you reflecting on the families that made you who you are. Have your photographer capture a few images of this so that your family can see how special these words are to you both.

5. Surprise each other!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE surprises. It makes me feel so loved when I know that someone was thinking about me outside of being with me. The surprise can be as simple as a gift or as elaborate as an experience!

You can conspire with your photographer to plan the perfect surprise for your elopement. Rent a vintage car and have it show up after your ceremony for some stunning photos! Then, have it drive you to your next location. You could hire a private chef to create an incredible candlelight dinner for you two.

Have their wedding band engraved with a special meaning, then surprise them with it at the ceremony.

Remember: Every couple is different, and there are so many unique ways to make your elopement as special as you are. At the end of the day, your elopement is a celebration of YOUR love, no one elses. Don't be afraid to make it the most epic celebration of love there ever was.

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