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A DOGgone Good Wedding

When you think of your wedding day, does it make you sad to envision it without your fur baby there? Well here is your sign to include them in your wedding!

When Kara and Austin planned out their wedding day, they knew they would have to include their two most important fur babies, Aspen and Maya, in their day.

If you know anything about wedding and pets though, you know they can be unpredictable. So, Kara and Austin appointed a bridesmaid and groomsman to keep watch over the pups throughout the day. This ensured that they would be able to enjoy their day and know that their pups were in good hands.

In order to keep Kara's dress in immaculate condition before the ceremony, they put both pups with the groomsmen to keep watch over them. This made for the sweetest getting ready photos with Austin and his boy, Aspen.

how to have dogs at your wedding
getting ready wedding with dog
Wedding dog with wreath
wedding dog cake topper

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