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Eloping in Colorado

Did you know that Colorado is the only state in which you can marry yourself? That’s right, no minister or witnesses needed, just you and the one you love. The best part is that you don’t have to even be a Colorado resident!

How do you do this?

Step 1:

Obtain Your Marriage License.

Got to your County Clerks office during their regular business hours (typically M-F/8-5) and bring your ID. You can use a driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate as your ID. Fill out the paperwork, pay the small fee, and get on your way!

Step 2:

Get Hitched!!

Go to a special place, exchange vows, and sign your license (no witness or offciant needed)! I recommend hiring a photographer and going out to a national park where you spend 4-5 hours taking photos, having a picnic, popping champagne, and reflecting on your love story up until this point.

Once you are done with your adventure, go rent an amazing Airbnb and spend the night (or even a few nights) there!

Here are some of my favorite options for STUNNING Colorado Airbnbs:

Canyon Cliff House (like are you kidding me?!):

An Oasis Getaway meant for royalty:

Boho A-Frame w/ a mountain view:

Modern getaway with a hot tub and views for days:

Step 3:

Put that thing back where it came from!

Mail in or personally deliver your signed wedding license to the county clerks office that you received it from!

Step 4:

Enjoy your married life!

You guys are officially husband and wife! Congratulations!! Your photographer will get your amazing elopement photos back to you within a few weeks and you will be able to re-live that incredible day all over again.

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