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Rock Climbing Engagement Session

On the front page of my website, I have a statement that says "For the Adventurous at Heart". Ahlysse and Josh fully embody this saying! When I am booked for an engagement shoot, I am happy to assist my couples in finding their perfect location. I typically give them the option of city, mountains, garden, field, beach, or lake.

All that to say, when I offered suggestions to Ahlysse, her first thought was to do an engagement shoot with the spring cherry blossoms in DC. Of course, I was totally on board and we planned out some options for more private locations that would give beautiful cherry blossom backdrops.

Then, Josh suggested that we scrap the idea of cherry blossoms and go rock climbing! This was an immediate YES on my end! Before dating Josh, Ahlysse had not really rock climbed, but slowly he brought her into the hobby and it became a consistent activity in their lives. When couples incorporate things specific to their relationship, it makes for the most unique sessions!

On a foggy morning in April, we met up at a trail in Wintergreen Ski Resort and hiked it to a rock wall in the middle of the forest. Upon arrival, Josh and Ahylsse began discussing the best course of action to take when climbing the rock and getting good angles for the photographs. After they pondered it for a bit, they turned to me and asked if I wouldn't mind climbing up the rock face a little ways to get the shot.

Now, if you know me well, you would know that I am afraid of most things, one of those being heights. However, I will also do anything for good photos. So I agreed to a small climb up the rock face! I slung my camera over my back, climbed a little ways up, and they secured me to a tree growing out of the rock face.

Every couple is so different and creating a session that tells the story of their relationship is my favorite thing! No two engagement sessions are the same and that is what is beautiful about relationships!

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