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Romare Bearden Park and Coffeeshop Photoshoot

Every year on social media, I do a giveaway photoshoot as a way to give back to my clients--past, present, and future. This year, my giveaway winners, Taylor and Patrick were located in Downtown Charlotte, NC! After discussing locations for a couple's photoshoot, we decided that we would meet at Romare Bearden Park for a few photos and then go to a coffee shop to finish up. Taylor runs a small Instagram account called @clt_coffeetour where she tries and reviews local coffee shops all around Charlotte!

Since coffee shops are a special part of Taylor and Patrick's relationship, we figured it would be a perfect location for their photoshoot! Waterbean Coffee has several locations around Charlotte, including one that is right across from Romare Bearden Park.

When we arrived at Waterbean Coffee, Taylor ordered her classic iced caramel latte and Patrick ordered one of their specials which was an iced peanut butter latte! We made sure to ask the barista to put the ice coffee in cute mugs so that we had theclassic coffee shop aesthetic for the shoot.

Coffeeshop Photoshoot

Coffeeshop Couple's Photoshoot

Coffeeshop Couple's Photoshoot

Coffeeshop Couple's Photoshoot

Waterbean Coffee Photoshoot

When we arrived to Romare Bearden, it was incredibly busy. It was about 5:00pm on a warm Sunday evening, so there were lots of family's enjoying the weather. Despite this, we were able to find some great spots around the park and photograph around people! It forced me to be a little bit more creative on where to pose them.

Romare Bearden Park Photoshoot

Romare Bearden Photoshoot

Romare Bearden Park Photoshoot

Romare Bearden Park Photoshoot

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